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A Lesson in Patience

In mid July, I was looking for some clothing items for my new American Girl doll Joss Kendrick on the American Girl website. She has a pretty cool collection so I wanted to get about one or two things but if you know American Girl, it can get a little expensive. Since I was using my own money, I looked long and hard for just the right things. I finally found a really cute outfit and Joss's cheer jacket for a reasonable price. I was able to save some of my money which is great because when something new and big comes out, I'll be ready.😉 I mean, what's the point of having money if you're not going use it?

So I placed the order and it said that it will arrive August 12th. I was disappointed at how long it was going to take to receive it but I was so excited for it to arrive! I waited and waited all the way until August 12th (let me tell you that was not easy😒). Finally, the day had come; I had to do school in the morning so that helped keep my mind busy but as the day came to an end nothing had arrived. The next day still nothing! Then, my dad got an alert from FedEx, saying my package was lost. LOST IN KANSAS! 😲 Kansas, what was my package doing in Kansas? I was so upset! My dad called American Girl to discuss the lost shipment. American Girl answered very quickly and took care of the issue right away. They rushed another order that was to arrive a couple of days later.

Happily, this order was going come the day that it was supposed to. But wouldn't you know it, the day after my dad called, he got an alert that the lost package was coming on August 15th. Why is it that when he called and they sent out another order the first order now suddenly was found? Will it actually arrive on the 15th, who knows?🤷‍♀️ If it does, we'll just have to turn around and send the second order right back.

I wasn't happy that my order ended up somewhere in Kansas but I understand that this coronavirus thing has made it tough for the shipping companies and delivery workers. I can only imagine how insanely busy they must be and things like this happen. I'm thankful that American Girl was understanding and so quick to fix my situation. I totally recommend calling American Girl if you ever have any issues or questions with their stuff.

I am super happy with my order! Joss is looking so adorable!

Have you had any issues like that? Make sure to comment, like, and subscribe! Bye for now!

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