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Are you in on the Dodgers zoom meetings?

If you’re a Dodgers fan like me then you're feeling the emptiness of not having a baseball season. 😔Usually this time of year I’m sitting on the couch watching a game with my dad yelling at the TV, especially when they play the Giants. BOO Giants! 👎 (sorry Mom) The Dodgers have always been my favorite baseball team as long as I can remember. Luckily, this crazy time isn’t completely Dodger less, I’ve been catching up with my favorite players on their weekly zoom meetings. 📱 It's fun to hear how they are keeping busy during this time. One meeting, Kike Hernandez wore a Disney Pluto hat and Goofy teeth the whole time. If you wanna see your favorite players, be sure to go to and sign up for the Dodgers emails. Have you been watching any of the Dodgers zoom meetings? How do you like them? . Make sure to comment like and subscribe. Bye for now! And… GO DODGERS!

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