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Baking with my Great Grandma

I have a great grandma 👵🏻, she’s my mom’s grandma. I know a lot of people don’t have great grandparents so I feel blessed to have great grandma and grandpa. Something I like to do with my great grandma is bake. She bakes all of the time, my favorite is her snickerdoodle cookies. When we go visit my mom’s family she always has those cookies in the cookie jar and a bag for us to take home. The bag never lasts all the way home though. My whole family devours them on the drive.

Last summer we stayed a week with my great grandparents and I got to do a lot of baking with my great grandma. It was nice spending time with her and learning from her. She’s so good at baking that she doesn’t even need recipes sometimes.

Right now we can’t really see my grandparents but we do talk on the phone. She hasn’t been baking too much because she says it’s just her and grandpa 👴🏻, and he doesn’t need anymore sweets. 🍪🍦 I know that when we can see them again she’s going to have a bag of snickerdoodle cookies waiting.

Do you have any great grandparents? What are your favorite things to do with them? Make sure to comment, like, and subscribe. Bye for now!

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