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Do You Wanna Go On An Adventure?

Have you heard of Highlights for Children? It’s a magazine for kids, well now it's also an app and I think a podcast too (I haven’t listened yet). My mom said she used to get the Highlights magazine when she was a kid. I’ve gotten them too and they are pretty interesting. The magazines are filled with stories, puzzles, craft ideas and more.

What I want to tell you about is their Top Secret Adventures they are offering while we are all staying home. This is a club that lets kids explore different countries around the world without leaving home🏠 You're a secret agent on a mission traveling from country to country uncovering clues, hidden pictures, deciphering codes and you're even chasing bad guys.

For my first mission I chose Greece. I received a mission letter, a world map to track my locations, a guidebook all about Greece and some other items to help me complete my mission.

I totally recommend this to all of the kids who love to travel and learn about new places. Let me know how you like it! Make sure to comment, like, and subscribe. Bye for now!

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