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Finally, Some Outdoor Love!

My family and I have been living in our house for 9 years now and we've never used our front patio. Well, other than the occasional barbecue but we've never sat out there and just enjoyed it. My dad on a whim decided to clean it up and it turned out that we had a lot of space out there. My dad ended up finding a 7 piece patio set for $150.00 at Target and he automatically bought it not knowing if it would even fit. Honestly, I would've bought it too because that is a great deal.

We went to the Target in Westlake and we picked up the set. There was a glass table, some aqua colored chairs and umbrella. When we got home, my mom and dad quickly set it up on the patio. It turns out that everything was already put together in the box. It's all foldable! My dad says that's the best part.

Now we can sit on the balcony and enjoy the fresh air instead of being cooped up inside all day. We even had dinner OUTSIDE tonight! I really like the color but my dad wasn't too sure until we realized our plates were the exact same color of blue! It turns out we have quite a bit of aqua blue items around the house so I guess we must like that color.

This was a great purchase and a great addition to our house. What do you think? Was it a great deal? Make sure to comment, like, and subscribe! Bye for now!

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