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Grandma vs Restaurant

I love going out to eat at a restaurant but when I'm visiting my grandparents I'll take my grandma's cooking any day. My abuelita (Mita for me) cooks so many great things for me and my brother! For example, she cooks vegetable soup, tortillas and cheese, tamales, and so much more!

During the holidays she makes her famous apple bread and shares it with all of our friends and family. They love getting their loaf of bread. She also makes some really great enchiladas and sometimes makes enough to give to a couple neighbors. When people come to visit my grandparents, they always look in the kitchen to see what she's making.

Grandmas are so much fun, they cook amazing food, and they never stop spoiling you! I love you Mita! Thank you for all that you do.

What does your grandma cook for you?

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