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Have You Noticed the Beauty Around Us?

It was a warm, sunny day and a lot of people were out today. I decide to go outside but also play it safe. I brought the camera just in case I saw anything interesting that would be a nice picture.

I saw so many things like flowers, plants, and trees. Normally, I probably wouldn’t take a picture of these items, but since this quarantine, I really looked around me as I walked and just enjoyed it. I’ve taken beautiful pictures of random things. I mean, who knew that even the sky was a great picture!

Nature make super pretty pictures. I really hope that you all are safe out there and that you find some time to go out and enjoy God’s amazing beauty! Do you go outside? Do you like to take pictures of flowers and plants? Make sure to comment, like, and subscribe. Bye for now!

Just to let you know that these are actual pictures that I took with my dad's camera. These were not found on the internet.

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