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Have you ever heard of the Nike Adventure Club? Me neither until our friends introduced us to it (thanks @momdutyblog). I thought that Nike was just a store that sold athletic shoes and clothes, but I didn't know that they had a whole kids program! Nike Adventure Club is a kids sneakers club where you can have your shoes delivered to you either once a month, once every other month or once every three months.

The club is pretty cool. Not only do you get so many pairs of new shoes throughout the year but you also get a bunch of activities, stickers, magnets and information on other members. The last pair of shoes I received, the theme was all about animals so there were a bunch of pictures of members with their pets. I think we've been members of this club for almost a year now. There's been a couple of times where my feet grew so the shoes I received were a little small. They provide a return label in the box so we just packed them back up in the box they came in and shipped them back. Then they sent me a larger size or I chose another shoe.

They offer 3 different styles of shoes, lifestyle, athletic and Converse (aka Chucks). When I made the school basketball team, I was able to get some basketball shoes. Now that school is out, I have some running shoes on the way so I can go running with my dad in the mornings.

I really like being a part of this club, however, I don't think I will be for much longer. They go up to a size 7 and I'm approaching a 5 1/2. My feet won't stop growing! Maybe I should stop eating vegetables, everyone says they make you big and tall.

Have you tried the Nike Adventure Club? You can check out their website at or their instagram @nikeadventureclub.

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