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Just Charge It!

My dad is always saying that my brother and I don't value money. He's tired of seeing any money that we have just thrown somewhere in our room. So he decided to give us a credit card! I know your thinking, "What? Why would you need a credit card?" Well, let me tell you, we didn't get just any old credit card, we got a Greenlight card. A Greenlight card is a debit card where your parents can load money like from your birthday, chores, or whatever and they can manage where the card is used. My dad loves that whenever we use the card it automatically sends him an alert saying that it was used, where it was used and how much was used.

I guess having the Greenlight card is supposed to help teach us kids on how to save and spend money. The first time I used the card it took me forever to decide on what buy. Things are so expensive! I ended up buying some earrings at Disneyland but they were $20! My brother laughed at me and didn't even use his card. He finally did on another Disneyland trip. He wanted something my dad wouldn't get him because my dad knew he would lose it while at the park. Let's just say there were a couple of close calls.

Anyway, the Greenlight card is pretty cool. We were able to set up the app (did I mention it comes with an app? You manage everything through the app) with the chores I do and anytime I complete them, I just notify my dad through the app and he deposits my chore money to the card. Sometimes it may take awhile to get paid, uh hum, but eventually I do and of course I want to buy American Girl stuff.

Parents, if you're tired of paying for whatever your kid wants, why not have them pay for it? With Greenlight, your kid can NEVER get away with buying something without you knowing.

Have you tried Greenlight? How do you like it? Make sure to comment, like, and subscribe! Bye for now!

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