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My Brother

I have a little brother, lucky me, right? His name is Nathaniel and he’s two years younger than I am. He is everything a little brother can be, annoying, aggravating, and always around. You know the game 20 questions? Yeah, so does he but he doesn’t stop at 20. He’s always beating on me like I’m his personal pinata. When I complain to my parents they just tell me to stop aggravating him and he won’t hit me but if I do that then I’ll have nothing to do. Nathaniel loves playing baseball and video games. In fact, when he’s playing either of those that is the only time I get to myself.

I tell my parents a lot that I wish I had a sister. Maybe that’s why I like American Girl dolls so much. They’re bigger than a barbie, I can style their hair (which is what I love to do) and can take them with me wherever I go, kind of like a little sister.

The worst problem with having a little brother is that when you want to go to sleep at night, they do all they can to keep you awake. They always start talking! That’s exactly what Nathaniel does. He talks like I haven't seen him all day! The good part though is that I control the conversation so we basically just talk about dolls.

My parents always tell me that my little brother looks up to me and that he loves me so much. I guess I can see that too. He is very thoughtful, everytime he goes somewhere with my dad, he always comes back with something for me. I know I complain about him, a lot, but I do love him. I am happy to have him as my little brother.

Do you have a little brother? Do you have any struggles with him? Comment below your answers. Make sure to comment, like, and subscribe! Bye for now!

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