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My brother gets a birthday too?

Yesterday was my little brother's 8th birthday! He says that it was the best day ever because he got all the attention. The whole day was “Nathaniel, what do you want to eat? Nathaniel what do you want to do?”

The first thing we did was have ham and eggs for breakfast. Nathaniel loves ham. He even got a whole ham for Christmas! Next, we went outside and looked for Easter eggs. We did that for my birthday last month so he wanted to do it too. Then we played around in the little pool to cool off. After that some of Nathaniel’s friends called and wished him a happy birthday and he played video games with them for a bit.

Later in the day we hit a piñata. That was so much fun. It had a ton of Twizzlers, my favorite! We also barbecued some shrimp and chicken for dinner. We ended the night with presents and a Snickers cake. He loved the presents that he received. He received a gaming headset, a few video games, virtual reality, and believe it or not, a laptop! He was very excited to get such nice gifts.

Nathaniel loved his birthday and he was super sad that it had to end. Honestly, it was pretty good. Especially the piñata part.

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