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Sometimes things turn out better than planned.

As you might know, my birthday was this past Monday. I was supposed to have a big party 🎉 because I was turning 10 but with everything going on in the world that didn't happen.😔 I was concerned my special day was going to go unnoticed but my family gave me a day to remember. First, after talking my grandparents into quarantining themselves for a couple of weeks, thanks Mita and Mito, and ourselves as well we went to spend a long weekend with them. On my birthday, my abuelita made her famous pancakes🥞 and I got to open a couple of gifts after breakfast. Then we did an egg hunt out back since we didn't get to on Easter. In addition to some candy my brother and I received lottery tickets but we didn't win anything. We had lunch a little later and then I got to try my first root beer float. Yes, my first root beer float. My parents always said when I turn 10 I could try one. Honestly, it wasn't what I expected totally not worth the wait. 👎

After lunch we got to hit a piñata. 🎊 My brother wanted to break it open but since it was my day, I got to do it. It was a tough little piñata but I eventually got it open. It was filled with candy, money and peanuts.🤷🏻‍♀️For dinner, we had Thai food and then I got to open the rest of my gifts. I received a lot of great things from my family. I got several pajamas, colored hair extensions, and a ton of outfits for my American Girl dolls. I thought I was done opening gifts but then my parents brought out two large boxes. One was long and the other was tall and wide. My parents told me to open the long one first. I tore the gift apart hoping to find what I was hoping for inside. I screamed,😮 inside was the newest American Girl doll Joss Kendrick! I was so happy.

Knowing that I had one more present, I put Joss aside wondering what was inside the even bigger box. I tore the wrapping paper to find an unmarked box. The box didn't look like a normal doll box so I was super curious as to what it could be. I opened the package to find a bunch of brown paper. I took out the paper and the the gift revealed itself, it was the retired 2016 Girl of the Year Lea Clark! I've been wanting her for as long as I can remember! I thanked my parents like 100 times! 🙏 After gifts, we did another cake (yes we had two cakes. You'll have to ask my parents on that one) and ice cream.

Although my birthday wasn't what I had been planning it turned out to be better than I imagined. 😃 Spending time with my family and creating memories are what it's all really about. Receiving Joss and Lea is icing on the cake, as my mom says, as well as my other gifts.

What did you get for your birthday? Do you have any American Girl dolls? Make sure to comment, like and subscribe! Bye for now!

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