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Who wants to go to class?

Updated: Jun 24, 2020

Have you ever heard of Outschool? Yeah, me neither until my mom told me she signed me up for a virtual class with them. As soon as she said "I signed you up for a class" I groaned, "School is over! I don't want to do a class!" Then she told me the class was "How to be a Youtuber." That changed everything. Uh, yes I will do that class! Who wouldn't?

Outschool is a community marketplace of online classes for kids. They have over 15,000 classes to choose from. Literally, anything I looked for I found. I even found U.S. history classes through the eyes of American Girl dolls. The instructors are actual teachers from all over the world. You can see descriptions and class costs before signing up. You can even see class reviews and teacher reviews too.

My dad signed me up for another class called "How to tell a better story". The class was super helpful. I never realized how important it was to tell an actual story. Now my sentences go from, “I hopped on a plane to go to Hawaii.” To this, “I hopped on a huge plane to go to the beautiful state of Hawaii.” Have you tried Outschool? You can find out more at their website

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