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American Girl of the Year 2016 Review

As you know, along with Joss Kendrick, I received the Girl of the Year 2016 Lea Clark as a birthday gift! I have been wanting Lea ever since I discovered her a few years ago. She has silky caramel colored hair and bright green eyes. I think she is beautiful! Here is the story of how I found Lea.

Lea Clark, Girl of the Year for 2016 was retired January 2nd, 2017. My parents took me to the American Girl store on March 27, 2017. Little did I know I was just a few months late. I was looking for a doll that looked like me until the Girl of the Year section caught my eye. I ran over there, my parents trailing behind me, wanting to see all of the dolls and thinking that I could get one.

I was looking them all over and that’s when, Lea caught my eye. The first thing I noticed was Lea’s tanned dark skin, then her long caramel brown hair, and those eyes! Such piercing green eyes! I told my parents she was the one I wanted so they asked an employee if she was out in the store somewhere. The employee explained how there is a Girl of the Year every year and once the year is over the doll is retired and they no longer sell them. I was very sad, I ended up leaving the store without a doll.

A few years have passed and I have received a doll or two since then but to my surprise, I received Lea for my 10th birthday. I couldn’t believe it when I pulled her out of the box. She was definitely one of the best birthday gifts ever! I‘m very excited to have her in my growing collection.

What is the best birthday surprise you have ever recieved?

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