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Making the Monte Cristo Sandwich from Disneyland

So, I was looking on YouTube one day and I came across this lady who made some food from Disneyland. She was making the Monte Cristo sandwich from Blue Bayou Restaurant in New Orleans Square. I was like," that is so cool! I have to try it!" I showed my dad and he said we could do it. I'm so glad we did, it was delicious and it was so much fun!

First, we made sure we had all of the ingredients and then we got started. Surprisingly, my dad let me do most of the work except when it came to frying the sandwich, then my mom had to come into the picture. We used ham, turkey and Swiss cheese. I even dipped the sandwich in the batter we created but I kind of lost the toothpicks in there. The recipe said to use them to keep the sandwich together but honestly they just got in the way. After we (my mom) fried the sandwiches we dusted them with powdered sugar and I put some strawberry jelly in a small bowl for dipping.

We ended up eating the sandwiches for dinner. My brother even liked it but of course I waited till after he ate it to tell him that I made it, otherwise he wouldn't have touched it (ugh, brothers). I never had the Monte Cristo sandwich before at Disneyland but now I think I'll definitely have to try it. If its as good as what we did at home then I know I will love it.

Here is the link to the Youtube video if you want to try the recipe. I hope you like it. Make sure to comment, like and subscribe. Bye for now!

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